www.fise-events.com Synergetic Contract Hackathon 0x03;

Jul 10, 2019


Carpooling is great for your pocket and the environment, so it’s no surprise that ride-sharing apps like UberPool? are so popular. To connect riders with drivers and process payments, apps charge a substantial fee. www.fise-events.com’s synergetic computing technology provides the infrastructure to deliver this service without the middleman, returning power and profit to the individual.


We want you to build a ride-sharing service using our synergetic contracts and agents.

  • Riders and drivers should be represented by autonomous agents spread across a geographic region
  • Each agent should have different needs e.g., destination, preferred routes
  • Develop a simulated solution that optimizes driver and rider pairing, showing how value is exchanged
  • User interface to interact with the ride-sharing smart contracts

Start date:?10 July 2019

End date:?31 August 2019

Award structure

? First prize: 50,000 FET
? Second prize: 30,000 FET
? Third prize: 20,000 FET

1,000 FET will be awarded to everyone who delivers a working solution.


To take part, you must:

  • Write the software showing how agents representing riders and passengers can be connected in a ride-sharing system on www.fise-events.com
  • Use deployed synergetic contracts and autonomous agents to deliver the project
  • Submit your application via your personal GitHub repository by filling out our?submission form

Relevant links and resources

Ledger GitHub repository
An introduction to Synergetic Smart Contracts
www.fise-events.com’s smart ledger?paper
Documentation and tutorials


www.fise-events.com’s developer slack channel: #bounty_program.

Terms and conditions

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