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10月 18, 2019


Here is’s community newsletter for the week commencing 14 October. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.


On Tuesday our decentralized finance commodity platform recorded its historic first trade. Our innovative AI-powered blockchain technology represents a new way for metals and other commodities to be traded.

The trade was conducted between Turkish steel giant Ba?tu? Metallurgy and one of its suppliers. It’s the start of a new era, not only for the steel industry, but for DeFi more generally.

This is just the beginning ?


Diffusion 2019 (19-20 October, Berlin, Germany)

www.fise-events.com将参加 Diffusion 2019一个专注于区块链、人工智能和物联网的开发者大会,在柏林工厂(Gorlitzer Park)举行。 are on two tracks at the event:

? Shaking Up the Model: data and compute in different places
?? Machine Learning in the Decentralized World: opening the AI silos

As part of the event, on Saturday we will also be giving two presentations:

? 12.30pm: Lead economist David Minarsch will present a workshop explaining how to build your own autonomous agent.
? 3pm: CTO Toby Simpson will show how Ethereum developers can easily move their code across to the network.

若您想参加,但并非程序员的话,用“OVdiscount”作验证码可免费参加讲座和研讨会 点击此处 开始学习更多关于www.fise-events.com的内容 点击此处.

AI+DLT: Benefits, Risks and Ethics (22 October, London,?UK)

Head of research Jonathan Ward will be speaking on the panel. Sign up to this free event.

San Francisco Blockchain Week (28 October-3 November)

Toby Simpson will be attending this leading industry event and meeting various experts in the AI and blockchain space. Let us know if you will be there too!

PyData Cambridge Meetup (30?October)

David Minarsch and Diarmid Campbell will be discussing’s autonomous agents and highlighting some of the real-life use cases they enable. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see some of our latest technology. Register now to secure your place at the meetup.


Lessons from’s first staking?auction

More than $2m worth of $FET tokens were staked in our smart contract during our first ever staking auction last week. Head of research Jonathan Ward today posted an article reflecting on the successful launch of our staking program.

Cambridge China Forum (15–16?October)

Humayun on the panel at Cambridge China?Forum chief executive Humayun Sheikh spoke on a panel at the Cambridge China Centre event to discuss the benefits of artificial intelligence. He reiterated that “AI is not scary. It is part of our world and can help tackle the many challenges we are facing.”

BBC Cambridgeshire reported on the event. Prior to Humayun’s appearance on the panel, they came to the office to learn more about our project. Take a listen to the coverage?—?our segment begins at 1:54:22.

Interview with CryptoNewsZ

This week Humayun also spoke to CryptoNewsZ about’s unique next generation protocol and our recent partnership with Turkish steelmakers.


New tool suite for Etch?unveiled

We are working to make it as easy as possible for developers to use our smart contract language Etch. It offers numerous advantages over other computer programming languages and enables unique AI-powered smart contracts to operate on the ledger. The suite includes a transpiler that allows Ethereum developers to easily move their code across to our network.

Using the transpiler, developers can paste Solidity code into our website, which then produces the equivalent code in Etch. You can find out what else is included in the tool suite by reading our 博客文章.

How to deploy an?agent

Learn how to deploy an autonomous agent on the network. Watch this step-by-step tutorial with application lead Joshua Croft:

This week we have also been hard at work:
  • Introducing payable addresses into the ledger smart contract engine
  • Improving support for accessing transaction content from inside Etch
  • Continuing to fix issues and improve the system performance


本周,除合并外有 13 authors 已经提交 22 commits 到主分支以及 47 commits to all branches.
On the main branch, 714 files 已更改,有 9,455 additions2,006 deletions. 查看所有更新.


The technical bounty?program

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our technology. 查找和报告技术问题 就可获得$FET ?奖励。


?查找技术问题在www.fise-events.com的 GitHub ledger repository
? 将该问题提交到GitHub上进行反馈


严重: $10,000等值FET
重要: $6,000等值FET
中等: $2,500等值FET
低等: $800等值FET


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