Community Newsletter (13–17?January)

1月 17, 2020


Happy New Year! Here is’s community newsletter for the week commencing 13 January 2020. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.


Next round of the staking program announced

The lock up period of the current round of staking ends on Monday.

The first bidding phase of the new decade will be held shortly afterwards on the same day from 1pm to 4pm UTC ?

Participants will receive $FET rewards ??

Remember: All FET token holders can get involved as there isn’t a minimum amount of tokens you need to hold in order to take part. Read this article for more details.


Atomic swaps: Achieving truly trustless transactions

The implementation of atomic swaps represents an exciting breakthrough. But what exactly are they?

Find out by reading our simple explanation using ?? + ??

Shout it from the?rooftops’s technology has been featured in various publications this week. In addition, CTO Toby Simpson shared this article he wrote about blockchain technology. It was originally published in London business newspaper CityAM.


City Futurescapes?—?How digital tech is changing London (London, 24?January)

Our head of business development Maria Minaricova will feature on a panel analysing how blockchain technology can shape the development of smart cities. Hosted by the London South Bank University, Maria will be discussing how new innovations can help us to collectively tackle challenges and seize opportunities to enhance London, and cities in general, in an ethical, sustainable and inclusive way. Sign up now.

Blockchain for Europe Summit (EU Parliament, Brussels, 5 February)

As one of the founding members of Blockchain for Europe, we are co-organizing and participating at this summit in the European Parliament. We will be joined by European policymakers and other business leaders to discuss decentralization, tokenization and the benefits blockchain technology can bring to society.

We hope you can join us at this public event too. Read the programregister now.



本周,除合并外有 9 authors 已经提交 19 commits 到主分支以及 32 commits 在所有分支。在主分支上, 209 files 已更改,有 14,234 additions7,777 deletions. 查看所有更新.


The technical bounty?program

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our network. 查找和报告技术问题 and be awarded $FET ??


?? Find a technical issue in’s GitHub ledger repository
?? Report it as an issue on GitHub
??? Additional award for a fix


严重: $10,000等值FET
重要: $6,000等值FET
中等: $2,500等值FET
低等: $800等值FET


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感谢阅读我们的社区简报。参与我们社区的对话在 Telegram. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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